Shorkie puppies for sale

Monday, October 18, 2010

Shorkie Puppies

It has been drawn to my attention that there is Shorkie Club?? another breeder?? up on Rip trying to sell her puppies form   This person may not even be a Club? or a Breeder? Using their video and website to promote Internet Slander in Blog to promote her Shorkie puppies for sale?

AUTHOR: Tellinguthetruth - (U.S.A.) Posting under Phony names to post Slander and ruin another persons business to sell their Shorkie puppies? This is Internet Bullying in the worst form.

You know, I used to believe what I read on the Internet. It’s printed, therefore it must be true, right? My experience with this online “critic” who wrote the post above has opened my eyes to the venom and power of Internet bullying. 

Say what you want about me. I stand by my business, my love for the Shorkie breed, and my 30 years of experience. My happy customers and my happy dogs speak for themselves (some in barks, of course!). I gladly welcome visits (by appointment, of course, since this is my home) so you can see for yourself the way in which my beloved dogs are raised. 

Because I feel like my business speaks for itself-and because the consumer can easily find out about my little four legged boys and girls through my website-I hesitated before responding. But honestly, if you’re going to drag my family through the mud-I have to. 

I hate that I have to address this, but yes, my family has had legal problems unrelated to my business that required hiring an attorney to handle. But I wasn’t aware i needed to submit paperwork to RipOff Report and this lady to get my name and record cleared. 

If I had the money, I would pursue this woman in a court of law. I choose not to spend the money-I’d rather give it to my grandbabies!  I don’t know why she’s attacking me, except she wants to make money for her own business breeding Shorkies, and has decided the best way to do that is to bring down another breeder. 

Honestly, why bother? If your Shorkies are happy and healthy, sell them! We’ll compete where we should-in the marketplace. I would love everyone to know about this wonderful new breed. But you have to wonder what kind of person feels it necessary to personally savage a stranger-and her family- in the interest of making a few dollars. My pastor tells me to turn the other cheek, and for now, I will try to. 

If you want a great dog who will steal your heart with their charm, their intelligence and their beauty, check out my website and my home breeding business. Make an appointment and come look around. Or call me. I’d love to talk more about about my wonderful dogs. But this shameful bullying has got to stop. Rumors, and empty accusations will not destroy me. Let’s all focus on the animals! In the meantime, have a blessed day!

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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Shorkie Breeders,Shorkie puppies,Shorkie puppies for sale

Shorkie Breeders with Shorkie puppies for sale. I started building new web sites, and didn't realize that I chose the Wrong Breed of Shorkie puppies. Not only that, The wrong Chosen name of OFFICIAL SHORKIE PUPPIES. At that time NO ONE had that name for a Web site. The Web site was finished, Then the Slander Began. I was so over whelmed by the slander of Choosing to breed SHORKIE PUPPIES. OMG! I didn't know that I Stepped on the SHORKIE QUEENS feet! I DIDN'T KNOW THAT ANYONE OWNED THE BREED of SHORKIE PUPPIES!
This is when the Drama began to unfold. We discovered that they had 26 Shorkies for sale web sites on Google with 5 on going litters of Shorkie puppies, Morkie puppies, Shichon puppies for sale. This is not the only thing. We discovered 47 different breeds of Dogs listed in the HTML of one of their web sites. NO OTHER WORD for this but PUPPY BROKERING for PUPPY MILLS. This SHORKIE QUEEN  Google their ADDRESS....It's a Vets office!!!
This Woman PROPIGATES PUPPY MILLS!!!! Then she calls me a PUPPY MILL, and anything else in the BOOK! Then says their PARENT DOGS are Tested??

Anyone should understand that would have the need to slander to sell a Shorkie puppy for $1750. When some another Shorkie breeder sells theirs for less! Don't be so gullible to believe all that you see on the internet. Stephanie Bailey, White will use any place to Black Ball me as a Shorkie Breeder

Your Welcome to come to my HOME to pick up your Shorkie puppy in person, and meet the Parents of my Shorkie puppies. I don’t see any of the DOGS that were bred for her Shorkie puppies on her web site. It seems kind of Ironic that Stephanie Bailey, White of would come on a Morkie forum where I have posted, Don’t you think? When She has a Web site to do her dirty work on. Stephanie White who owns only 5 dogs of only which the law allows. One of them is Blind. Not only does she have an on going 5 different litters of Shorkie puppies on her web site. Stephanie Bailey, White of also has Sorkie puppies for sale,Shichon puppies for sale,Yorkie puppies, Biewer Yorkies, Shih Tzu puppies for sale, Yorkie mixed puppies, Imperial Shih Tzu puppies and other toy breed puppies for sale. SMELLS LIKE A BROKER TO ME. BROKERS Propigate PUPPY MILLS. She also finds anywhere to put BREEDERS down and call them PUPPY MILLS. This is POLITICS! Anyone can see this. Then She says This is not a breeder war??????? Stephanie Bailey, White does not have the ethics of a Dog Breeder. Runs a Puppy Club with NO MEMBERS!
ANYWHERE that you see MY NAME MILEEN COULTER on the internet, you will see that it was posted by Steffanie White of

Monday, May 4, 2009

Shorkie Puppies

We are breeders. We own the parents to our puppies.
We are Experienced, Professional breeders who specialize in Yorkie Hybrids.
As responsible breeders, we choose to do selective breeding.
We have been breeding Yorkshire Terriers for a number of years.
You can buy with Confidence from us.
Having raised purebred Yorkies we became very interested in
Designer mix breed Yorkies for many reasons.
As Shorkie Breeders, our parent dogs are carefully selected to be the very
best of their breed. We have raised our Shih tzu mothers and Yorkie fathers from puppies. They are very loving dogs.

Our Shorkie pups ARE ALSO KNOWN AS: SHORKIE-TZU - and many other popular names.
If you are looking for that "ONE OF A KIND"SHORKIE PUPPY look no further!
We are devoted to the BEAUTY AND QUALITY of the cross breeding of the Shih Tzu and Yorkie.
Our ONLY goal is to produce Shorkies with healthy, happy, beautiful, sweet loving temperaments.
That way you have a companion for LIFE. We love our Shorkie puppies to have the teddy bear
faces and the best personalities. Our Shorkies will leave paw prints on your hears for ever.
We are Shorkie breeders who focus on the health and happiness of all our Shorkie puppies.
We only sell our own puppies. We have our Parent dogs on Premises, and also on our web sites. I can only guarantee my puppies that I Sell.

Sunday, January 18, 2009


This is my Shorkie website. This website tells basically what a Shorkie puppy really is, and what fun dogs Shorkie puppies can be to own. Shorkies are actually healthier than purebred dogs. I get many phone calls from people looking for mixed breed dogs. They are telling me that their vet said that they are healthier than purebred dogs. This is one of the reasons I breed for Shorkie puppies for sale, and Morkie puppies. The other reason is that they are always a happy breed of puppies. Always full of spunk!!!

There are many things posted on the internet about me. They can be taken with a grain of salt. Don't let the seed grow. There is important information on this website about the people that have posted these things about me. This is because is nothing less than my competitor trying to black ball me as a Shorkie Breeder to sell her Shorkie puppies.